Trailblazer™ Series

Dependable Wireless Fractional T1/E1 Solutions A reliable, professional, and affordable solution for last-mile connectivity.

Rugged, dependable, and easy to deploy, Trailblazer frees you from the expense of leasing lines or burying cable and delivers the wireline quality your operations require.

Trailblazer offers you a professional, affordable way to replace costly analog leased lines, extend existing phone lines, or expand Ethernet connectivity. Flexible network configurations make the Trailblazer a uniquely adaptable solution for your communication needs.

Trailblazer™ product image

Thanks to Carlson’s own TrueTDMTM technology, the Trailblazer has extremely low, fixed latency that makes this radio a customer favorite for simulcast and portable radio backhaul.

Trailblazer is available in a sturdy, indoor rackmount unit or a rock-solid outdoor unit with a NEMA 4X weatherproof enclosure that protects your connection even in the roughest weather.

Frequencies include licensed 4.9 GHz for public safety.

All Trailblazer models offer an unmatched set of features:

Flexible and Programmable System Platform

A state-of-the-art digital microwave radio,Trailblazer radios provide a transparent network interface, supporting all PSTN services. This radio is capable of integrating direct phone line interface and wireless channel bank and transporting 2-wire, POTS, 4-wire E&M and Ethernet data with wireline quality service.
All Trailblazer models are bench or field programmable. The graphical user interface (GUI) offers valuable configuration and status information, installation and antenna alignment aids, and advanced diagnostic tools.

Advantages Over Wireline

All Trailblazer models deliver voice, data or both up to 32 mi / 50 km. Trailblazers can provide an Ethernet connection to IP data up to 512 kbps in increments of 64 kbps. Using Carlson’s exclusive TrueTDM™ technology and wireless links, Trailblazer radios provide network quality and reliability without the expense of right-of-way costs or wireline hard costs. This proprietary technology, which delivers perfect wireline quality, offers low (less than 5 milliseconds) fixed latency signaling that is compatible with all voter receiver/comparators.

Fully Integrated for Plug-and-Play Simplicity

All Trailblazer components, including radio, channel bank multiplexer, power supply, and CPU are fully integrated into a standard aluminum rackmount or an outdoor waterproof enclosure. Client radios are installed with a simple wall or pole mount and an external antenna. The system is easily configured with an intuitive GUI and a laptop. No extra equipment or components needed for operation makes for a quick installation.

Rugged and Weatherproof

Trailblazer outdoor client radios are housed in a NEMA 4X waterproof enclosure, which are built to last in tough climates. Class 1 Div 1 enclosures are also available. Carlson’s wireless telephone extension systems are installed worldwide, from the Alaska North Slope to the deserts of North Africa. The units can be easily redeployed, making it ideal for temporary or emergency use.

Low Power Consumption, Solar Powerable

All Trailblazer models draw low power, typically less than 3 watts per client radio, and accept any DC voltage from 12V to 24V. Solar power kits are available with up to 7 days of backup power.

No License Required, yet Private and Secure

Trailblazer uses either the licence-exempt 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz or the licensed 4.9 GHz frequency bands. Trailblazer uses proprietary CDMA spread-spectrum technique for additional over-the-air security.

Trailblazer Products

Trailblazer© Leased Line (TB-LL)

trailblazer leased line

Replace a Costly, Unreliable Leased Line

Break free of monthly leasing fees. With the Trailblazer for Leased Line Replacement, you can own your own network and enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with mission-critical reliability.

Delivering 2-Wire, 4-Wire Telephone Lines and Broadband Data

Trailblazer Leased Line radios provide a dedicated “full-time” analog connection in a point-to-point or multipoint configuration. Can be configured for any combination of up to eight 4-wire leased lines and/or broadband data. TB-LL systems are available in the 4.9 GHz licensed Public Safety band as well as unlicensed 5.8 GHz frequencies. Trailblazer LL is compatible with all voting comparator, simulcast and VoIP systems.

Extended Range

Using proper antennas and line-of-sight (LOS) clearance, you can create a Trailblazer link at a distance of 30 miles or more. With a Trailblazer Digital Repeater, this range may be extended much farther.


  • Replace high-cost dedicated leased wirelines with a fixed latency wireless solution
  • Provide service in remote locations inaccessible by wirelines
  • Retrofit exhausted wireline systems
  • Capable of E&M (receive and transmit) circuits to control switches or trigger alarms for public safety purposes
  • Deliver temporary and emergency restoration communications
  • Wireless solution with minimal infrastructure to reduce environmental degradation or esthetics
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Trailblazer© Phone Line Extender (TB-PE)

trailblazer Phone Line Extender (TB-PE)

Extend Phone Lines with our Last-Mile Solution

Reach your more rural service areas with the Trailblazer Phone Extender, a proven middle-mile and last-mile POTS and Ethernet backhaul radio.

Wireless Phone Line Extender

The Trailblazer phone extender provides exceptional wireline-quality telephone service to residences and businesses beyond existing phone lines. The Trailblazer PE is configurable for up to eight voice channels with ranges up to 32 mi/50 km or more with repeaters, and features 2-wire POTS lines with full fax, and Broadband Ethernet capability.

up to 32 miles per link


  • Establish rural telecommunication service in remote locations inaccessible by wirelines
  • Features private, dedicated lines. Automatic ringdown (a.k.a. “hot line”) available
  • Capable of providing video security monitoring
  • Retrofit for exhausted wireline systems
  • Deliver temporary and emergency restoration communications
  • Wireless solution with minimal infrastructure to reduce environmental degradation or esthetics
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Trailblazer© Hybrid (TB-Hybrid)

trailblazer Phone Line Extender (TB-PE)

Lengthen the Reach of E&M, POTS, and Ethernet Networks

Extend voice and Ethernet capability wirelessly with the Trailblazer Hybrid and avoid the expense of right-of-way or laying physical wire. Our TrueTDM technology provides a wireline-quality connection when you need it most.

A Point-To-Point Digital Radio Providing POTS, Leased Lines and Ethernet Data

The Trailblazer Hybrid is a combination of the Leased Line model and the Phone Extender. Configurable for up to eight 64 kbps PCM voice channels in a combination of 4-wire E&M circuits and POTS, with ranges up to 32 mi/50 km or more with repeaters. The Hybrid features full fax and dial-up modem or Ethernet capability. Optional v.35 or 2-wire bidirectional circuits are also available. Trailblazer radios use TrueTDM™ to provide perfect wireline quality telephone service to industrial facilities and substations beyond existing phone lines.


  • Provides a customizable combination of Leased Line and Phone Extender services.
  • Phone lines and E&M audio and switching capabilities
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Trailblazer© Star (TB-Star)

trailblazer Phone Line Extender (TB-PE)

Bring Connectivity to Multiple Sites Economically

Avoid the hassle and expense of establishing multiple independent POTS or 4-wire links with the Trailblazer Star. Available in both Leased Line and Phone Line Extender configurations, the Star is an ideal solution for industrial communications such as oil and gas rig sites.

AMultifunctional Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) Digital Radio Providing Voice and Ethernet with up to 4 CPE Terminals

Configurable with up to eight, 64 kbps PCM voice (POTS) channels with ranges up to 32 mi/50 km or more in a multipoint configuration. Carlson’s TrueTDM™ fixed latency technology assures carrier-class quality and complete interoperability with VoIP and legacy TDM systems while also meeting all 911 compatibility requirements. Features full fax and dial-up modem and V.35 or Ethernet capability. Other available configuration options are 4-wire (E&M), intercom, public address, and ringdown.


  • Enables the Trailblazer line to work together in a multipoint fashion.
  • Configures as 1 Base unit to 4 Clients, which can be any combination of a POTS line, Leased Line or Ethernet connection.
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